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There won't be any sales tactics, fancy funnels or nonsense here. If you want to learn to trade, build wealth and change your life whilst working alongside hundreds of people from around the world then Join Us.

The Group Structure:

In total there are over 65 channels within the group. Below are a few of the main ones.

šŸŽ™ Live Chat - This (voice chat) is where you'll find me most days at market open. You'll be able to listen in as I trade in real time. Providing my analysis of the markets, what stocks I'm buying and selling etc. If you're at work you can always mute yourself and just listen in. The chat is recorded and posted in the discord group for people to watch at a later date.

šŸ“ˆ Daily Watchlist - This is the channel where I post all my swing trading ideas on a daily basis. Including graphs, thoughts behind the set ups and what I'm looking for in order to take an entry.

šŸš€ Stonk Gang Watchlist - A channel where members can post their watchlists and set ups.

šŸ’°Trading Pit - This is where most of the discussion takes place. Where we talk about everything and anything trading related.

šŸšØ Signals -  I post all my trades in real time. So you're able to copy my trades if you wish, both when I buy and when I sell.

šŸ’¦ Options flow - Options flow and unusual options activity is fed live into the discord, saving you over $150/month

šŸ‹ Squeeze List - On a weekly and daily basis we provided the latest data for names with the highest short floats and short squeeze potential. Saving you over $50/month for this data.

šŸ¦§ Stock Bot - Look up the order flow and data for any stock with a simple command. Summarising the bullish and bearish flow to make quick decisions.

šŸ’° Insider Buys - Updated on a weekly basis, all the latest insider trades. We use this data to see when insiders are confident the stock is undervalued. Saving you over $30 a month for this feed.

āœ‹ Halts - Get live updates when a stock has been halted.

šŸ‘†High Volume Scanner - An updated list of all the stocks which increased in volume from the previous session. You can use this list to keep an eye on all the stocks in play.

šŸ¤– Breakout Scanner - An updated list of all the stocks which are starting to break out. This list can be used to catch stocks as they start to make a big move.

These two scanner feeds save you a further $150/month.

šŸ† Financial Independence - A place to discuss how to reach financial independence. Where we discuss ideas, strategies and investments in regards to early retirement.

šŸ“° News - We have multiple bots in place to keep the group up to date with the latest news and market movers.

šŸ“– Learn - A section where we discuss everything in regards to trading strategy, investing, personal finance and financial independence.

āŒ„ Options Talk - A channel to discuss anything options related. Quite a few traders prefer to use options over shares especially for the breakout trades.

šŸ“ŗ Chill Talk - A section for anything and everything, where members can get to know each other better and talk about anything they wish (just no politics please šŸ˜…)

+ Many More

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17 ratings
  • Membership to Stonk Gang Discord Group.

  • Live Trading
  • Daily Watchlists
  • Long Term Investments
  • Trade Signals
  • Membership to Stonk Gang Discord Group.
  • Live Trading
  • Daily Watchlists
  • Long Term Investments
  • Trade Signals


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