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No sales tactics or funnels; Stonk Gang is a place to learn the art of trading whilst surrounding yourself with like minded individuals from across the world.

You will gain access to Stonk Gangs website & our live chat group hosted on discord.

Our Website contains updated information on current market conditions. When certain strategies are likely to work and when they're likely to fail. A visual representation of whether the markets are bullish, bearish, turning or somewhere in-between. Along with trade ideas, top shorted stocks, what names are leading the markets and much more.

Our Discord is a live chat room where all our members come together to analyse the markets, discuss trades, review earnings reports and news. Each day you will be presented with the potential trades myself and other members are looking to pursue. Along with notifications of when these trades are placed & when the trades are closed.

For us trading, investing and self improvement is a part of life. If you're looking to get involved with a small group of individuals who want nothing more but to see each other succeed and work together to see that success happen, then you'll find a home in the Gang.

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, no contracts.

If you have any questions just find me on instagram @stonkgang

And onto the legal 😆:

All opinions expressed by Stonk Gang on this website, instagram, twitter, discord and all other platforms are solely stonk gang’s opinions. You should not take any opinion expressed by stonk gang as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy but only as an expression of stonk gangs opinion.

Stonk gangs decision relies upon information which cannot be verified for its accuracy. It therefore cannot be relied upon. Stonk gangs statements and opinions are subject to change without notice.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Stonk gang does not guarantee any profits nor results. You should be aware of the risks involved and should seek professional financial advise before making any investment. Stonk gangs materials does not take into account any of your particular investment objectives. Before acting on any information supplied by stonk gang on any of it’s channels you should seek professional investment advice.

Stonk Gang is a trading name and registered trademarked of Stonks Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom. Company registration number: 15155962

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